Artex Ceiling

Artex ceilings are now a thing of the past. Ranging from smooth combed to stipple effect artex, no matter what the type, it is now truly outdated.

Freshen up your room or even your entire house by flat plastering over your artex.

It is advised that before you have your artex ceiling skimmed over, an asbestos test is done. Older types of artex can contain trace elements of asbestos so should be professionally tested before disturbed.

Once tested and given the green light, the process of covering artex is quite straight forward.

Firstly, the high points are removed with a scraper and the ceiling is sealed with PVA glue. Once dry the first coat of plaster is applied. This coat should be left to dry for around 30 minutes and then covered with a second coat. Once all trowelled and dried your artex pattern will be a thing of the past.

Artex walls are less common but also undertaken by Crest plastering.

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